A Taste of Russia’s Stolovayas or Canteen-style Food and Other Delicacies

View of St. Petersburg from Sky Bar Azimut Hotel

If you’re going to eat every meal at the Four Seasons Lion Palace’s restaurants in St. Petersburg or the likes of C.D.L. Restaurant in Moscow, your money is not going to last long. Sure, these places serve quality food in only money can buy ambience but to experience the real Russia we got out and […]

Why You Need a Tour Guide When Visiting The Hermitage St. Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum front view and view from The Neva River

Even with a guidebook and map in hand, the couple seemed lost and disturbed trying to figure out where exactly that Peacock Clock was. We on the other hand were right on track walking behind our tour guide Ekaterina. The couple decided to trail behind us as we followed our high-heeled short skirt clad tour […]

Why You Should Stay at The Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg Russia

Outside Four Seasons Lion Hotel St. Petersburg

When in the Imperial City treat yourself like a king or queen and stay in a palace. The Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg Russia was once home to Princess Lobanova-Rostovskaya, the wife of Prince Alexey Lobanov-Rostovsky. He was a diplomat, writer, art collector and a close friend of Tsar Alexander I. The palace […]

10 Things to Eat in Iceland (Don’t Complain About the Local Food)

Inside Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

You can’t blame them for eating puffin, minke whale, fermented shark and all the lamb body parts! In the olden days before airplanes, cargo ships, international trades and modern conveniences, Iceland was an isolated island at the south of the Arctic Circle. To survive the bitter cold and barren land during the long winter months, […]