Your Guide to a Trans Mongolian Experience from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator Mongolia (Part II)

Russian and Mongolian carriages

Train 362 is the only train that leaves Irkutsk at 5:15 pm Moscow time (10:15 pm Irkutsk time) daily from Irkutsk. The train has only second-class kupe 4-berth compartments and platskartny sleepers (third class). This is the second part of our Trans Mongolian Railway journey. The first was from Moscow to Irkutsk. Dominique, the driver […]

Your Guide to a Trans Mongolian Experience from Moscow to Irkutsk Siberia (Part One)

One of the train stops

Staying at the Delta, one of the four hotels in the Izmailovo Hotel Complex had its advantages. There was a decent sized supermarket a five minute walk from the complex. We gathered our supplies of instant coffee, apples, “Made in China” plastic bowls, canned fish, bread, bottled water, bananas, cookies, spread and a whole load […]

Cemetery Tour in Moscow: Novodevichy Cemetery


The late President Boris Yeltsin’s tomb is the most recent addition and the least artistic tomb at the Novodevichy Cemetery. His was a huge tri-colored Russian flag sculpture and looked out of place compared to the creativity and artistry represented on the tombs of almost 200 famous Russians. Which included journalist Artem Borovik, comedian and circus […]

Discovering Moscow Kremlin and Red Square

Archangel's Cathedral

Everyone knows about the devastation of the Soviet-era, but did you know that the treasures of Russia’s pre Soviet-era are still intact? Twenty-first-century Moscow is a city with magnificent squares, cathedrals, artwork, shopping and remnants of the Soviet-era. To visit Moscow on your own (if you don’t speak or read Russian) is to miss the […]