Useful Tips to a Tasteful Hong Kong Horse Racing

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Horse racing has been part of the Hong Kong lifestyle for over a century. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has two racecourses – one in Shatin and the other in Happy Valley. The Happy Valley Racecourse is located across the street from Cosmopolitan Hotel. Its first race was held in 1846. If you are visiting […]

Around Suzhou

Local fruits

They say the most beautiful girls in China are from Suzhou. It must be the water, fresh air, the gardens or maybe the food. According to the locals I spoke to, these girls are no longer in Suzhou. They either migrated to the West or have moved to bigger cities like Shanghai and Beijing. What […]

Suzhou Museum China


Suzhou Museum is divided into the new and the old. The old part of the museum is located in Zhong Wang Fu, Prince Zhong’s residence adjacent to the new museum designed by I.M. Pei. World-renowned American-Chinese architect, I.M. Pei was born in Guangzhou but his family was from Suzhou. He had spent his childhood in […]

Jing’an Sculpture Park Shanghai


Regardless of weather conditions, residents around the Jing’an Sculpture Park dutifully dance, walk and exercise in the park. I can see these ‘tiny’ figures every morning from the windows on the 28th Floor of the apartment we stayed in for six weeks. The groups vanish in mid-afternoon on the running tracks and reappear in the […]