Cemetery Tour in Moscow: Novodevichy Cemetery


The late President Boris Yeltsin’s tomb is the most recent addition and the least artistic tomb at the Novodevichy Cemetery. His was a huge tri-colored Russian flag sculpture and looked out of place compared to the creativity and artistry represented on the tombs of almost 200 famous Russians. Which included journalist Artem Borovik, comedian and circus […]

Discovering Moscow Kremlin and Red Square

Archangel's Cathedral

Everyone knows about the devastation of the Soviet-era, but did you know that the treasures of Russia’s pre Soviet-era are still intact? Twenty-first-century Moscow is a city with magnificent squares, cathedrals, artwork, shopping and remnants of the Soviet-era. To visit Moscow on your own (if you don’t speak or read Russian) is to miss the […]

Touring the Top 10 Moscow Metro Stations

Komsomolskaya metro station

Hidden underground, in the heart of Moscow, are historical and architectural treasures of Russia. These are Soviet-era creations – the metro stations of Moscow. Our guide Maria introduced these elaborate metro stations as “the palaces for the people.” Built between 1937 and 1955, each station holds its own history and stories. Stalin had the idea of building […]

A Taste of Russia’s Stolovayas or Canteen-style Food and Other Delicacies

View of St. Petersburg from Sky Bar Azimut Hotel

If you’re going to eat every meal at the Four Seasons Lion Palace’s restaurants in St. Petersburg or the likes of C.D.L. Restaurant in Moscow, your money is not going to last long. Sure, these places serve quality food in only money can buy ambience but to experience the real Russia we got out and […]