Shanghai (Day 22): How to Haggle in Shanghai

jewelry store in nanjing road

She started out with 180 Yuan for the pair of shoes I tried on. I just wanted to know the price and had no intention to buy. I asked, “how about cheaper?” She said “if you want cheaper price get the another type – one without design!” I thanked her and walked away. As I […]

Shanghai (Day 18): Yuyuan Bazaar at Night

oldest tea house shanghai

Souvenir shopping in Shanghai can go either way – either you score or get fleeced. One great place for souvenir shopping is at the Yuyuan Bazaar because there are so many similar stores that allow you to practice the art of haggling (more on this in a few days). Yuyuan Bazaar is located next to […]

Shanghai (Day 16): Buying Eyeglasses


Prior to traveling internationally, I had two pairs of eyeglasses. Two weeks before our trip to Iceland, I tripped and fell and broke my good pair of glasses in Astoria New York. That left me with just one pair of glasses. Unfortunately in Reykjavik Iceland my one and only pair of eyeglasses were beginning to […]

Shanghai (Day 15): Qibao Street Food Tour


Qibao is the only water town connected by Shanghai Metro to Shanghai city center. It is now easier than ever to get to this ancient water town from any part of Shanghai by connecting to Line 9. In Chinese, Qibao means “seven treasures.” These days the most important treasure of this water town is the […]

Shanghai (Day 14): Matchmaking in the Park


Think of it as a place to shop or advertise for a spouse for your children. Shanghai’s People’s Park, off Nanjing Road is the place to be for concerned parents who are looking for a suitable mate for their only child. The marriage market has been around in Shanghai for almost 10 years. Thousands gather […]