Low-Cost Airline Experiences in Asia, Australia and Europe

Great holiday arrangements

Recently EasyJet announced allocated seating across their network starting November 2012. Memories of our experiences with low-cost airlines flashed through my mind. There are lots of good stories to tell but most of all we save a lot of money by getting out of our comfort zone. What comes to mind when you read or […]

A Weekend Getaway:Take A Road Trip to Anyer Beach, Indonesia


Indonesia has over 17,500 islands and about 240 million people. My sister currently lives in the capital city of Jakarta, in the island of Java, the most populated island amongst the thousands. Today’s article is written by Daphne Tan, who lives an expat life for the last one and half years in Indonesia. A Weekend […]

Top Five Favorite Traveling Experiences in Melbourne, Australia With Kids


There is something about Melbourne Australia that kept us going back for more. Maybe it is the food, tram, diverse culture, weather or maybe it is the little fairy penguins on Phillip Island. A place friendly for families with young kids or teens. Our Top Five Favorites around the city of Melbourne Australia with kids… […]

Traveling to Taj Mahal, India, One of the Seven Wonders of the World


When we think of India and traveling to India, the Taj Mahal comes to mind. For help, we have our guest writers and friends, Surya (13) and his mom Sowmya to share their knowledge and experience visiting the Taj Mahal and the country they visit often and once called home. Come on a journey with […]

Chinese New Year Celebrations in South East Asia


South East Asia consists of 11 countries. Each country has their original people group, culture, food, language and customs. But there is one similarity in all of them…the Chinese immigrants.The Chinese in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Timor are celebrating Chinese New Year on January 23rd (this year)…the […]

Colors of Vietnam: A Teen’s Journey


By Beatrice Tan Agonizing stories of the Vietnam war, the popular Vietnamese “pho,” colorful traditional dresses and the Mekong River all paint the picture of Vietnam, the hidden charm. All the stories of Vietnam that have been thrown out there have always felt made-up, but after a trip there, one can finally understand what “seeing […]

Top 5 Experiences in Malaysia I Will Never Forget

By Bethany Looi My mom was born in Malaysia and if it weren’t for that, honestly, I wouldn’t have known Malaysia was a country. The majority of my relatives currently live in Malaysia so it was only natural that we would have to visit them at some point. The first time I went at age […]

Fun in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


 Fun in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah   By Karen Dorrell   When my good friend Claudia asked me to write a blog for her site about travel, I wondered what I should write about. Then I thought about our most recent trip to Malaysia at Easter. Perhaps I can share a few useful tips about planning for […]