Maya Angelou’s Quotes That Inspire

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The world is mourning today. The literally voice for women and legendary author, Maya Angelou leaves this earth at the age of 86. In honor of the woman who wrote one of my favorite books “I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings” here are seven of her quotes I wish to share with my readers. […]

Life Under Construction: Are We There Yet?

I revisited some of my old blog posts from my other website ( and decided to re-publish this post here. It was written on June 30, 2011 when I was building this site. It is going into construction again in a few weeks. The world is full of uncertainty…as I am writing this, I am […]

Get Ready for Holiday Email Marketing Now

What does email marketing have to do with the holidays? You’ll soon find out. It is almost October and most companies' marketing campaigns for the holiday shopping season are in the works. They are ready to cash in on the holiday sales. How about you? Before I go further, let’s clarify what is a holiday. […]

Free Reports, Opt-in Offers, White Papers, eBooks For Your Online Business


You’ve heard it, the money is in the list…not just any list. A high quality email list may be a gold mine for your business. Your free opt-in offers may do the job for you. Asking readers to subscribe to your weekly newsletters may not work for your business unless you are Oprah or Dr. […]

Social Media, Blogging and Email Marketing Are Influencing the Way We Eat and Travel


Social media, blogging and email marketing have changed our decisions on where to travel and which restaurants to dine in.  KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines has a revolutionary idea of ‘meet and seat’. How about that?You meet someone through Facebook or Linked In before traveling. According to KLM, meet and seat lets you find out […]

What is Flesch Kincaid Score and Why It’s Important for Online Writing

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What your English teacher taught you about writing can hurt your blog posts. An A plus score from your English teacher may not have the same rating with your readers. Your readers will click away if your brilliant diction is too ‘dazzling’ for a busy person. Imagine for each paragraph you need to type words […]