10 Things to Eat in Iceland (Don’t Complain About the Local Food)

Inside Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

You can’t blame them for eating puffin, minke whale, fermented shark and all the lamb body parts! In the olden days before airplanes, cargo ships, international trades and modern conveniences, Iceland was an isolated island at the south of the Arctic Circle. To survive the bitter cold and barren land during the long winter months, […]

How to Find the Most Affordable Hotel Through AirBnB in Reykjavik Iceland

We stayed on the first floor of this apartment

I did my research on hotels for our family of four before leaving for Reykjavik. Hotel rooms or bunk beds in hostels are not cheap. So how do you find the most affordable, safe, and comfortable and centrally located accommodation for a family of four in Reykjavik city center? My answer: AirBnB Apartment Before I […]

Shanghai : The Skyscrapers of Pudong


To visit the newest, tallest and best of Shanghai’s buildings we traveled on the subway Line 2 from Nanjing Road to Pudong’s LuJiaZui Station. Most of the buildings at LuJiaZui, Shanghai’s financial center are less than 15 years old. 90% of the buildings are financial institutions. The rest are hotels and shopping centers. Shanghai World […]