Malaysian Food in NYC

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The last time I had roti canai was in 2010 when I journeyed to the home where I grew up to say goodbye to my late father. Roti canai is a typical appetizer in Malaysian restaurants in the United States. In Malaysia, roti canai and a variety of roti are found in Indian-Muslim restaurants. It […]

Exhibitor at the New York Times Travel Show


It never ceases to amaze me…people are the same everywhere. We like to win something. Back in the day when I was a travel agent in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Auckland New Zealand, I was either an exhibitor or an attendee for a travel show. To collect the golden names and emails, we put out […]

Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The best time to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge is either right before sunrise or sunset. We chose right an hour before sunset. When it was completed in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge was the first steel suspension bridge and the tallest structure in New York City. It links Manhattan to Brooklyn. Through the test of time […]