Discovering the Authenticity of Chinatown’s Chinese Food in Guangzhou China

Guangzhou foggy skyline from Four Seasons Guangzhou (72nd Floor)

Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton is the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China. It takes less than three hours to travel by train from Guangzhou city center to Hong Kong. For centuries, Guangzhou has been an important port city and gateway to China. Arab traders were among the first group of traders that came […]

High Speed Train Beijing to Shanghai


Considering it took us days to get from Moscow to Irkutsk, Irkutsk to Ulaan Bataar Mongolia and Ulaan Bataar to Beijing, it was a breeze to travel from Beijing to Shanghai for five hours 30 minutes. The High Speed Train (G Train) from Beijing to Shanghai with a stopover in Nanjing left Beijing South Station […]

Beijing Street Scene

Candied apples 4 Yuan per stick

I had two full days to explore the sprawling city of Beijing. I spent most of my time walking around the hutongs and Tiananmen Square trying street food and taking photos of vendors and people on the streets. Some fascinating items include scorpions, candied apples on sticks, the pre-Golden Week crowd in Tiananmen Square and […]

Dining Experience in Beijing: China Regional Cuisine

Leg of lamb

Beijing is the birthplace of Peking duck. Besides that, Beijing doesn’t have the reputation of producing the finest food in China. Many of the restaurants serve foods originated from Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Xinjiang and regional dishes from other parts of China. Hot pots and barbecue restaurants seemed to be Beijing’s culinary constants. I had a […]

Getting Lost in the Hutongs of Beijing

Hutong Beijing

The Great Wall of China and Forbidden City may be popular tourist attractions in Beijing but the hutongs are the ones that give a glimpse into the authentic living environment of past and current Beijingers. Beijing, the capital city of China has over 3,000 years of history. Unfortunately the quest for modern high-rise apartment buildings, […]

Your Guide to Trans Mongolian Experience from Ulaan Bataar Mongolia to Beijing China (Part 3)

Trans Mongolian train from Ulaan Bataar to Beijing

This was the last leg of our Trans Mongolian journey. We traveled from Moscow to Irkutsk, Irkutsk to Ulaan Bataar and Ulaan Bataar to Beijing. The total journey crossed over six time zones and a distance of around 4,735 miles. We started from the megacity of Moscow in Europe through cities in east Russia, Ural Mountains […]