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Including How NOT to Let Bowels and Bugs Mess Up Your Vacation!

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Whether you’re going for a weekend getaway, week long trip or travel around the world or a homebody, frankly health challenges will happen. Just like any family with young children and teens, we have a set of questions and worries before traveling and when we travel.
Questions like:
•    What should I bring for allergy, fever, motion sickness, belly ache, constipation and attitude sickness
•    Are there side effects to these medication
•    Are they effective
•    What are the natural ways to staying healthy while traveling
•    How to stay healthy while traveling
•    And a whole lot more
We've been through the challenges and overcame setbacks while traveling. This eBook is your blueprint for healthy travels and a tool to help you prepare for travels. It will make your journey easier, cheaper and healthier, help you ease your planning and organizing before the trip, reduce expenses for necessary things in your travel health and first aid kit.

It includes:

•    Answers to staying healthy before and during travel
•    Identify some of the most common health challenges
•    How to assemble an array of supplies, which includes essential oils, nutritional supplements for your travel health and first  aid kit
•    Ways to use essential oils for travel and everyday living
•    Insect repellent you can eat
•    Tips on mosquito prevention
•    How to get rid of odor in the room
•    How to minimize contact with germs

The eBook is for a solo traveler, business traveler or family traveling with babies, toddlers or teens, or senior travelers....anyone who are looking for the alternatives!

Over several decades, we have traveled extensively in the United States and around the world. We had our fair share of health challenges and have used various methods to feel better and finally learned the importance of natural remedies particularly the power of therapeutic grade essential oils to heal, restore and protect our body while traveling. And they really work!

Who we are...
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Just to give you a glimpse inside the eBook, here is the Table of Contents

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Travel Health First Aid Kit Checklist For Carry-on (diaper bag)and Check-in Luggage
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