The Two Extremes of Content Marketing and What to Do About It

How could a blog not make any money? Quite easily the opposite, it turns out, once some marketing strategies are put in place. If you are new to content marketing, continue reading…

Gary Vaynerchuk said in his book Crush It, 90% of the people I hear from are in complaint mode, usually to the tune of, “I’m working hard and I’m crushing it and nothing’s happening.” 

His question to them was, how long have you been at this? According to Gary, you don’t build businesses in six weeks, two months or six months.  He continued: patience is the secret sauceLikewise if you are using content marketing for the first time. It takes time, consistency and strategy.

I have business owners who turn to me for sales copies or content writing every week. I’ve seen two extremes of impatience that led to poor results.

One extreme is all about buy now, buy my products, you need this now, links and more links to sale pages. There is absolutely no engagement or interest in knowing their ideal clients. 

It is all about, hey, I’m writing to you because I’ve found this great product and you've got to buy it now. Or, hey, this is the absolute must have and sale ends in 24 hours. You need to buy it now.

Every autoresponder email sent is about selling a product with links to a sales page for the products.

Have you seen those?

Another extreme is, there is no Buy Now button and no sales pages on the website. Some of us are afraid that we might be too pushy and salesy, ending with no sales pages or nothing that directs readers or prospects to buy.

We have seen so many sales representatives who stalk us to join or buy from them. So the chill factor sips in and we are just making ourselves run a non-profit website. A website full of great content, plenty of engagement but no profit. No sales pages or call to action.

Ever felt that way? 

Why do you create content on your website or send autoresponder emails?

Copyblogger has a great article recently called The 10-Step Content Marketing Checklist. According to the article:

Everyone knows that content marketing is the “new” marketing approach that all the cool kids are supposed to be doing.

The question asked was: What exactly is content marketing?

To me it is to bring value and create content that serves your ideal clients’ needs and to create a platform where your ideal clients could find out who you are and ultimately build trust, relationship and want to do business with you.

After all the good content, value, relationship and trust, what else?

If there are no products or services to sell, you will make no money. Some websites ask for donations to keep them going.  On the same article on Copyblogger, the writer wrote: 

Don’t go too long without making an offer. If you’re content marketing, you can’t forget the marketing part. You need a well-crafted landing page (sales page) to explain your product or service. 

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to sell or don’t focus too much on selling.

Which extremes are you? Let us know. For more information about our writing services, please feel free to contact us for a free phone consultation.

P.S. I recommend you read Copyblogger’s article in its entirety. Follow this link.

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    I don't stay very long on websites that are product-driven and are all about sales. In the same way, I'm careful with my inbox. Your article helps us, as writers, to strike that balance between developing trust through building relationship and making sales. I find it's not easy to find that balance and I often tip too easily on the building trust side, as opposed to making sales! This is a provocative and thoughtful article, Claudia - thanks!

  2. says

    You are talking to me Claudia; right now I am in a maintanace mode mode or less. Keep doing what I am doing and building relationship. I need to get active again and see more sales come in!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. says

    Great post, Claudia! I have seen plenty of those extremes, as well. I'm learning that fine balance of sales and relationship. I believe that when you have the people's best interest at heart and connect with them about it, they will trust you and follow whatever path you give them to the sale. You, as the seller, will feel that much better for helping the person with an actual need than just getting a sale for YOU! Thanks, Claudia! Great info.

  4. says

    Just what I needed Claudia,

    I'm kinda where Olga is, except I'm in "building mode", so-to-speak. I've been blogging less than a year now, so I'm still building a following. I think for me that old familiar "paralysis of analysis" creeps in and I start thinking my list isn't big enough yet, or my audience isn't big enough, or I'm not well known enough, blah blah blah.
    I have several products I'm planning to release, but I haven't done much more with my blog than...well, blog! Thanks for this kick in the pants, lol.

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