Broaden Your Palate While Traveling Around The Globe

Day 6 of 30 days countdown to South America and Around the World
Food, celebrations, traditions and festivals go hand in hand. When you travel, the food you eat at your destination tells a story…a past, a secret. Every cooking method, ingredient, recipe has a history and is tied to a tradition, geographical location or heritage. It’s part of every people group in the world to enjoy meals at home or eat out with friends and family. No celebration goes without food. Some cultures extend their love of eating by sacrificing food to their gods on special days.

If you love mac and cheese and cling on to your daily pizza or bowl of rice with stew, it can be quite painful to travel around the world. Could you imagine the wildly exotic food of Mongolia? Everything is thrown into a pot including unmentionable body parts of the animal.

Are you an adventurous traveler but not an adventurous eater? I remember once I was served witchetty grub in Australian Outback near Alice Springs. I couldn’t eat it…I was the only one in the group! Everyone was eating that worm.

Preparing to travel for 18 months requires us to change our mindset about food and to expect the unexpected. I suspect we will be cooking most of our meals since my husband is a ‘gourmet’ chef. Look at him “butchering” with my brother in law…

Here is his masterpiece roast leg of lamb with potatoes, carrots, rosemary, brussell sprouts and his secret ingredients.

roastlegoflamb They even paired the lamb with these two wines:
I have a checklist of food to eat around the world. You may call it a bucket list. The list includes ceviche in Peru, cuy in Ecuador, Patagonian lamb in Southern Chile, beef and dulce de leche in Argentina and more.

For today, I’ll settle for Singapore fried noodles from a takeout place in town:

Do you have a food bucket list? Please share your travel and food experiences below.

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