Shore Excursion in Aruba for Cruisers


Shore excursion prices are higher if you purchase with the cruise ship because you are paying for convenience, comfort and security. We have experienced shore excursions organized by the cruise ship, pre-booked before we left for the cruise and looked for tours upon arrival at the shore. Just like many cruisers, we were looking for […]

Aruba (Part II): Aruba Natural Bridge and California Lighthouse


Aruba (Part II): Aruba Natural Bridge and California Lighthouse. For Part I, please read A Quick Tour of One Happy Island.The coral limestone formation existed for thousands of years until one unfortunate morning. Standing tall at 25 feet above sea level and spanning at 100 feet, the Natural Bridge collapsed on September 2, 2005.Located in […]

A Quick Tour Of One Happy Island: Aruba (Part One)


“So much to do, so little time…come back soon” read the brochure as we walked out of the Norwegian Sun into sunny and friendly island also known as One Happy Island. I like the energy in Aruba. It’s my favorite out of all four islands we visited recently with the Norwegian Sun.Come along with me […]

The Many Colors Of Willemstad Curacao


Dutch, Papiamentu (local dialect), Spanish and English are widely spoken in the island of Curacao. The diversity also shows up in the colors of government buildings, stores, banks, schools, private homes and hotels. Nowhere in the world will you see an array of color combinations of old Dutch inspired buildings and Caribbean accents.In Papiamentu, good […]