Life Under Construction Are We There Yet Life Under Construction: Are We There Yet?

I revisited some of my old blog posts from my other website ( and decided to re-publish this post here. It was written on June 30, 2011 when I was building this site. It is going into construction again in a few weeks.

The world is full of uncertainty…as I am writing this, I am reading about the Greece financial calamity. Then there are the wars and the rumors of wars… the recent earthquake around the world. The fragility of life…

Just received news from my sister who is an expat in Shanghai, China, lost her dog Max to leukemia. It is less than a year that she faced the lost of our father and her father-in-law. The imperfection of life and that we need each other.

If life is perfect, we would have achieved every single thing that we want to achieve…but are we there yet? As one anonymous writer wrote the road to success is always under construction. Just like children on a road trip, the favorite question of every hour and maybe minute is…are we there yet?

Are you there yet in your dreams, achievements and your ultimate destination in life?

Imagine taking a road trip, driving ten hours and finally you arrived and the children are happy. Oh Disney World…here we come. Then you go for the seven days of fun rides, do everything that is on your to do list for Disney World. It is now the final our… time to pack.

Early the next morning…before the sun is up…you pack your suitcase, your sleepy children and you are all back on the road again. Only this time it is back to your home…back to reality.

The children call out from the backseats again…are we there yet? After a few of those questions, you are home. You unpack and get ready for your routine. You wish the fun never ended. But it did.

Are you there yet?

We will never be there. When you arrive, there is still another road to take. Just like the Disney World trip, you arrived at the destination but you have to go back home and do your life at home and plan for another trip again. It goes on again. Summer comes and summer goes… Yet would you want another summer to be the same or better?

Those are choices that we can make…we can either do the same old or choose to do it differently each time.

The smorgasbord is available…we pick and choose.

If our life is not under construction are we having fresh new content in our mind or life…if we are not learning new things each day, are we living in the old each and everyday?

So our blog is evolving…work in progress…it is when we said we have arrived that we have to take heed.


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