Malaysian Food in NYC

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The last time I had roti canai was in 2010 when I journeyed to the home where I grew up to say goodbye to my late father. Roti canai is a typical appetizer in Malaysian restaurants in the United States. In Malaysia, roti canai and a variety of roti are found in Indian-Muslim restaurants. It […]

Chobani SoHo Yogurt Bar NYC

SoHo NYC Chobani Yogurt

SoHo New York was known originally as the Cast Iron District. It is now filled with art galleries, boutiques, upscale restaurants and specialty stores with artisanal dining to “die” for – two of the recent additions are Laduree and Chobani SoHo Yogurt Bar. This part of the city has rapidly developed into a place for […]

Grand Central Terminal, New York City’s Crown Jewel


At a grand old age of 101, Grand Central Terminal is not showing any signs of aging. In fact she looks more beautiful than ever after the facelift.  Restoration and renovation started in 1998 including the cleaning of the main concourse sky ceiling. Today this grand terminal has an Apple Store, five restaurants and cocktail […]